Bilge Güzelocak’s career was shaped by mergers. Work ship employment agency changed hands three more new offices opening in Güzelocak establishing his own business now aims to increase to 50.

For more than 20 years in the logistics industry operates is changing the wise Güzelocak mergers of companies that operate their direction in business. Güzelocak Turkey’s known ship agent of Maurice Hendrik Dutilh conducting the assistant general manager duties in the company, the company changed hands to new sermayedarl anlaşamayıp establishing their own business. 3 people in 2002 with elements of logistics companies to realize Güzelocak, today employs 32 people. Güzelocak, it will open a new office in 2 years and 3 also plans to increase this figure to 50.

Elements of Damco Logistics Maritime Companies doing the agency by the company AP Moller
the acquisition of the opportunity to turn the Güzelocak, Damco Maritime, along with 80 other former agents
It is a global network operating in the country “Tandem Global Logistics” is building its network. We talked with Güzelocak said next year they plan to open an office in Mersin projects and targeted melt.

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