Special Transportation Project to Meet

Personalized shipping services that meet the operational needs of the project
Although we probably conduct a similar project to yours, but we know that the two projects. Therefore, our experts your shipment before the start of the project to clarify the direction of each property and they did extensive research.

Knowledge in the global shipping
Some new areas of activity are carried out according to customer demand and other individualized solutions that grow with the business potential that we have defined. Our deep expertise and experience can be the platform you need for your specific transport projects.

Quality management
Global security and fully understand our customers’ needs for compliance. Transportation projects in the field of quality management, health and environmental systems (ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2004) is one that we have some certificates. Certificates of shipping anywhere in the world is necessary for the planning and implementation of project works.

Our value-added services with the principles of the unified state service provides international and multinational one-step solutions.