Reefer Container Handling

Reefer ServiceAs a logistics company ELEMENT strives continuously to extend its range and quality of services. As such ELEMENT has a specialist reefer desk to offer customers total refrigerated transport solutions. The desk provides one entry point for both our customers and agency network, offering expertise on reefer business and the worldwide market. The objective is to identify customer needs and apply appropriate service solutions. ELEMENT, as a historical shipping line from/to Africa, closely follows our customers’ requirements on this specific market.

During the journey: ELEMENT reefer experts monitor the containers at every stage of the journey to ensure they are functioning correctly:

  • On Entering And Leaving The Container Yard
  • When Being Loaded On To A Train Or Truck
  • When Parked In The Port Terminal
  • During the journey on board ship

Throughout the journey, ELEMENT personnel regularly monitor the reefer containers using an electronic microprocessor and data-loggers, which record all parameters. Even when the reefer is unplugged, the data-logger continues to record temperatures in the container:

  • Supply Air Temperature
  • Return Air Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Cargo Temperature (Optional)
  • Humidity level

Reefer Service
Other actions which could impact on the quality of the merchandise are also monitored and recorded:

  • Tuning Operations
  • Modifying The Parameters
  • Interventions
  • Breakdowns
  • Alarms
  • Connecting / disconnecting the containers

On delivery ELEMENT ’s reefer experts check the container’s temperature and ensure everything is working properly right up to the moment the goods are delivered to their final destination.

Tailored Reefer Options

Reefer Service

According to your needs and those of your merchandise we offer the following options:

Cold Treatment? 
Used for some products (mainly fruit) where several probes are applied directly into the container after packing to eliminate certain parasites. It is achieved by maintaining the goods at a low temperature for a predetermined, uninterrupted period, and avoids having to fumigate or use pesticides and meets phytosanitary standards of many countries.

Accurately controls the level of CO2 in a container (certain fruits and vegetables such as avocados, grapes and broccoli).

Accurately controls CO2 and O2 levels (fruits that are very sensitive to increases in gases, such as mangoes and blueberries). It differs from the EVERFRESH system as it involves an injection of gases at the start of the voyage.

Accurately controls CO2 and O2 levels (fruits that are very sensitive to increases in gases, such as mangoes and blueberries). There is no initial injection of gas with this system as it generates the required quantities itself.

Very sensitive cargoes
The nature of some products requires extra special precautions during transportation, as is the case with pharmaceutical products. Before packing, each container undergoes a 48-hour test to make sure the refrigeration and warming up phases are functioning properly. An extra probe is inserted into the middle of the cargo and plugged directly into the container’s data-logger. This allows accurate measurements of the product’s temperature to be taken in relation to the ambient temperature of the container. A special VSC Monitoring procedure is implemented on board the vessel to compensate for any possible incident.

Multi-temperature system
This system allows you to select several temperatures during a voyage for products that call for a variation. (some potato varieties require the temperature to be gradually lowered during the voyage to prevent them spoiling, while the tomato needs a gradual rise in temperature if it is to reach maturity on delivery). Up to 6-dfferent temperatures can be programmed for one voyage.

Reefer Monitoring
We offer pece of mind as every reefer consignment is monitored as follows:

All reefers have a modem which is in permanent contact with the ship’s bridge. If there is any problem, an alarm signal alerts staff ensuring a rapid response.

GPS/GSM transmitter
Some cargoes require special attention (pharmaceutical products). We are able to fit a GPS/GSM that transmits information 24 hours a day to a control centre on land. In this way we can monitor conditions inside the container, as well as tracking its position.

Key challenges of handling such high-value and temperature-sensitive products is to maintain the quality of the product to the final destination. Therefore knowing the transit time and temperature for each commodity are the key factors. Reefer containers are designed to maintain a specific temperature of the cargo during transport from stuffing to unstuffing.