Live Animal Shipments


Special Shipment Needs – Live Animals
We are experienced in handling live animals—ranging from deer to alpacas, race horses to household pets. Some of our zoological exchange “passengers” have included bears, pandas, camels, koalas and the rare Indian rhino.

:: Professional Handling
We make this happen with our dedicated and experienced staff; our advanced B747-400 freighters with additional air-conditioning equipment that regulates temperature in the cargo compartment between 4°C and 28°C; and the cabin pressure system that maintains constant conditions at 8000 feet altitude.

The carriage of any live animal by air must comply with the current edition of the IATA Live Animals Regulations. These regulations specify the design elements of the containers for the animals, documentation, labelling and handling recommendations.

:: Some exceptions
We do not uplift the following:
-Birds (except those shipped from one government zoo to another)
-Live pigs on all passenger aircraft
– Primates intended for research purposes.

:: Pets
How will your pet travel with us?
We allow your pet and yourself to travel together on the same flight. In general there are 2 ways for your pet to travel:

Accompanied and Unaccompanied.

For Accompanied, you are allowed to check in together with your pet at the passenger terminal and both of you will meet again at your destination. This service is only available in certain airports.

The alternative Unaccompanied service allows you to check in your pet at the cargo terminal, then collect them from the cargo terminal at your destination.

Things that you have to take note before your pets travel:
You will have to provide your pet with a correct size container with enough space for them to turn about normally while standing; to stand and sit erect; and lie in a natural position. The container must be adequately ventilated on at least 3 sides, with the majority of the ventilation on the upper part of the container. Food and water troughs must be accessible for replenishment from the outside of the container.

Suitable pet containers are usually available in most professional pet stores. Feeding and watering instructions must be affixed to the container. We would like to address your pet by their name and it would be useful if you could indicate this on the container.

You must obtain all the necessary Government and Quarantine approvals at origin and destination. Many countries allow the importation of live animals on condition that they undergo a period of quarantine. The length of the quarantine period and the fee vary from country to country. You will find more information to assist you in making transportation arrangements for your pets from the following IATA website link