Funural Shipments


Helping families through the loss of a loved one is more than a job – it’s a calling. And at Element Logistics , we’re honored to play our part in such a delicate and emotional process, so you can take comfort knowing the remains entrusted to you will be handled with dignity.

Through Element Logistcs , we provide compassionate and professional service to funeral directors responsible for transporting their most precious cargo. You’ll receive sensitive, personalized travel assistance and customer support, including:

A true measure of any business is its compassion during a time of need. That’s why we offer a specialized service specifically designed to assist in the transportation of human remains shipments.

Our special services team is trained to address all travel-related issues you may face and can arrange to transport your shipment immediately. All funeral shipments are given special priority, and bereavement fares may be available to family members or escorts accompanying the shipment.

For reservations or more information about our caring and professional service, please contact our specially trained staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Airport-to-airport air freight express service
  • Booked on flights specified by the customer
  • Interline flight routings available to many destinations worldwide
  • Highest priority boarding
  • Special handling and proactive monitoring at every point of transit