Break Bulk Cargo Handling


You need specialized and reliable break bulk shipping if it’s your business to move non-containerized cargo. Using container shipping companies that offer break bulk services as a sideline will only increase your chances of problems, delays and lost freight.

Specialized Break Bulk Carrier

Element Logistics Project Cargo provides a dependable break bulk shipping by offering complete end-to-end services:

  • Door-to-door service, anywhere, anytime, ground, rail, ocean and air
    – Wherever your cargo is, wherever it’s going, call us and we’ll do the rest
  • Tracking and supervision of your cargo at every break-in-bulk point and throughout the entire shipment
    – It’s our “Boots on the Ground” policy: Our team is always on location ensuring your break bulk shipment is a success
  • Securing each item against damage during transport
    – Including tarps, tie-downs and moisture protection
  • Ensuring the right equipment and logistics are in place to move your cargo efficiently and safely
    – It’s “Worry-Free” shipping
  • Expert handling of over-sized and overweight cargo
    – Precision is big enough to move anything, yet small enough to care
  • Making sure all permits and paperwork are in order
    – Keeps your cargo moving across cities, states and countries, and around the world
  • Preparation, project management and feasibility studies for every move
    – It’s good to know, even before it leaves, that your cargo will arrive safely
  • Pricing options that fit your budget
    – Making sure you get the best value

Learn More About Break Bulk Cargo

The name “break bulk” comes from the fact that the “bulk” of the cargo must “break”, or be separated, when the goods are transferred from one transportation mode to another, such as on a shipping dock, where each item of cargo must be off-loaded from a cargo ship and on-loaded to rail cars or trucks.

Generally speaking, break bulk cargo is anything that cannot be containerized, and that must be loaded individually (not in bulk – like oil and wheat), including cartons and pallets of goods. Break bulk also includes large equipment and machinery, cargo that has special handling requirements or oddly shaped items. While break-bulk refers to the shipping method and not the actual material being shipped, many items are almost always shipped as break bulk cargo:

  • Automobiles
  • Farm machinery
  • Mining equipment
  • Timber
  • Over-sized or heavy equipment
  • Steel Girders
  • Boats and Yachts

Comparing Break Bulk Shipping to Container Shipping

Compared to containerized shipments, the main issue you face in transporting break bulk loads is the number of times each item must be handled.

Containers usually travel from point of origin to final destination without their contents ever being handled. Conversely, break bulk cargoes are handled at each break-in-bulk point, or the points at which the shipments are transferred from one mode of transportation to another.

Increased handling results in increased costs due to requirements for additional equipment, personnel and longer shipping times. In addition, break bulk shipments have a higher risk of damage, spoilage and losses due to theft.

Why You Need a Specialized Break Bulk Carrier in Turkey

As a nation built on shipping and transportation, businesses in Turkey are fortunate to have no shortage of good cargo transportation services.

But researching, identifying and retaining a top quality break bulk carrier in Turkey still requires due diligence.

Until about 60 years ago, you would not have had a problem finding good, reliable break bulk carriers. At the time, all general cargo shipments were made up of individual cartons and/or pallets.

That all changed in 1956 when container shipping was introduced to improve shipping speed and efficiency and to lower shipping costs. What we take for granted today, being able to ship cargo in containers that could be moved easily between transportation modes, was then a revolution in the shipping industry and increased cargo volumes around the world.

While container shipping accommodated most cargo types, there remained a large demand for break bulk shipping. Unfortunately, due to the ease at which containers could be shipped, many shipping companies and cargo carrying vehicles converted or were built to carry only containers.

Shipping break bulk cargoes today means you need to find carriers who understand the requirements of break bulk shipping and have the right resources, systems and skilled people to ensure safe and prompt delivery. You need a break bulk specialists.

Learn more about how Element Logistics Project Cargo can make your next break bulk shipping project a worry-free experience – and get a Quotation! Call ELEMENT today.