Istanbul Bar Association by the Logistics and Transport Law and Tax Administration Law Commission and the Commission “Last edited for Customs Legislation, Taxation and Effects of Logistics Industry” panel was held. UTIKAD Board Member Arif Baer, ​​President and Member of UTIKAD Customs Warehouse Working Group Vice President Ali Bozkurt and participated in panel Ozkaymak Ozen, […]

Izmir and Istanbul offices of the country providing services in the general logistical elements, Mersin, in the next two years to support open offices in Ankara and Bursa with growth targets. International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Information from the common elements Güzelocak, said they had established a company in 2002 with three people, he said […]

Bilge Güzelocak’s career was shaped by mergers. Work ship employment agency changed hands three more new offices opening in Güzelocak establishing his own business now aims to increase to 50. For more than 20 years in the logistics industry operates is changing the wise Güzelocak mergers of companies that operate their direction in business. Güzelocak Turkey’s […]