Istanbul Bar Association by the Logistics and Transport Law and Tax Administration Law Commission and the Commission “Last edited for Customs Legislation, Taxation and Effects of Logistics Industry” panel was held.

UTIKAD Board Member Arif Baer, ​​President and Member of UTIKAD Customs Warehouse Working Group Vice President Ali Bozkurt and participated in panel Ozkaymak Ozen, the problems faced by the logistics industry practice discussed in legal terms.

Administrative and Tax Law Commission President Av. Mehmet Kaya and Logistics and Transport Law Committee of the Istanbul Bar Association President Av. Gursel panel ruling began with an opening speech in Ankara, Deputy General Manager Ozkaymak UTIKAD Ozen said, “The Effects of Customs Enforcement and Logistics Sector” made a presentation.

The sector of amendments to the customs legislation in his presentation stressed that in many respects Ozen adversely affected, “a short while ago, wholesalers are changing camera system camera system had to change again. These cost increases also affect pricing. Turkey is full of containers brought into the customs territory by sea, the sea link is not due to be taken to the pier temporary storage at ports is also experiencing bottlenecks in the import process, “he said.

Ozkaymak Ozen, stressing the need to ensure integration in the customs system, said the loss of time required to solve the problems in the sector and the increased costs.

“Foreclosure Problem of goods in the warehouses”

The following panel presentation followed by questions and answers are located in the temporary storage warehouse under the control of the customs authorities and foreclosure issues were put on the agenda consisting of the goods.

UTIKAD Customs and Warehouse Working Group member Ali Bozkurt, because of foreclosures on the receiver of the goods could not be delivered because of the pending incoming items and all parts of the process such goods in bonded warehouses, he said the victim. UTIKAD’s warehouse in 2 In addition to the arrangements made in December by the buyer with the seized goods for goods abandoned to the warehouse also stated that continued attempts were mentioned warehouse of the importance of coming together for a solution under the UTIKAD roof.

UTIKAD Board Member Arif Accredited obliged Baden drawing attention to emerging applications related to deficiencies in the process, the obstacles placed in front of the sector on getting the status of authorized obliged stressed that obstacles to the efficient operation of the system.

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